Direct Mail success

8th July 2014

Our specialist direct mail team have been building upon the success of winning the Direct Mail award at the 2013 Print, Design and Marketing Awards for their work on the variable data direct mail for Abercrombie & Kent with another win in the 2014 awards for the King’s College London Memories mailing aimed at the College's alumni.

The mailings designed by the Clarion Portfolio consisted of a fully personalised memories booklet, letter and donation form, designed to stimulate reiminiscences of when alumni were studying at King's through bespoke images and reminders of events that occured during their time at the College. Using our variable data composition software, all of the content generated was specific to their particular field of study and to how the College looked during their own time at King's. Our in house data bureau services, digital print and mailing services were used to execute this campaign.

Our additional in-house services include data management via our data bureau; fulfilment and mailing; storage (with the capacity for 3,500 pallets); pick ‘n’ pack; cross-media services; point of sale and creative bespoke packaging creation and production.
We have produced DM campaigns for many big brands covering the education, retail, financial, automotive and leisure sectors.

King’s College London commented “The appeal was one of the best we’ve ever sent to our warm donors, exceeding its income target and prompting hundreds of alumni to get back in touch and share their memories with the College. King’s also received a number of large gifts in response.”

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Pureprint Group recruit specialist book team from Butler Tanner & Dennis

2nd July 2014

We are setting up a sales office in Frome, Somerset which will be run by four members of staff from Butler Tanner and Dennis.

The former Butler Tanner and Dennis Sales Director James Gascoigne (pictured far right) and Business Development Director Charlie Fenby (pictured right) together with Colour Manager Justin Seviour and Estimator Ross Cornish have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the quality book market and working with luxury brands.

James Gascoigne said ‘It was incredibly sad to see Butler Tanner & Dennis close, but given the situation there is only one British printer Charlie and I feel can deliver the high quality product and service that our customers require and that is Pureprint Group. They have an impressive record in a number of markets including the specialist book and fine art world. Pureprint Group have an industry leading line up of modern litho and digital presses including 5 Heidelberg XL B1 machines with coating and perfecting options and 4 HP Indigo digital presses including one of the first B2 machines in the UK. We think our customers will be very interested in what we are now able to offer’

Mark Handford, CEO of the Pureprint Group commented ‘James, Charlie and their team have a real passion for book production and high quality printing so their knowledge and skill will fit well within Pureprint Group. We are now looking seriously at further investment in specialist finishing equipment at our production facilities in East Sussex.’

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EMAS Environmental Statement

28th May 2014

As the 1st EMAS certified printer in the UK we are continuing our commitment to the environment and being transparent in how we do this. We have recently released our 3 year EMAS Environmental Statement. EMAS, the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme is a voluntary initiative, intended to improve the environmental performance of companies.

As a market leader in providing sustainable printing solutions for the corporate, creative, commercial and fine art market we understand the importance of the impact our operations have on the environment and this ranks equally with other key business objectives within our overall strategy.

Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements is part of our business and we are committed to preventing pollution and continually improving the environmental performance of our business activities. Part of our commitment to the environment includes advising and guiding our customers on how they can print and produce their communications sustainably.

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Supporting premature baby charity First Touch

20th May 2014

For the second year we are supporting First Touch, the charity that supports sick and premature babies, at the Chelsea Flower Show which is being held between the 20th and 24th May.

Patrick Collins, the award winning landscape architect and garden designer has designed the garden called 'A Garden for First Touch at St George's' at the 2014 show which is inspired by the strength and determination shown by premature babies and their families on their journeys, which can be long and difficult. The main feature of the garden is a water course that flows through a stylised valley, representing the journey that premature babies and their families follow.

The garden is also a celebration of the work of the Neonatal Unit at St George's Hospital in London and the support it receives from the charity First Touch.

Find out more about First Touch
Find out more about the First Touch garden at Chelsea Flower Show


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Stunning special effects printing to bring your communications to life

18th March 2014

Through our close collaboration with HP Indigo, our digital printing centre continues to enhance and innovate it's capabilities with the recent installation of HP's Special Effects. These special effects create an eye-catching and tactile finish creating a unique and luxury look and feel to your printed communications from marketing literature, packaging materials, direct mail communications and more.

The choice of special effects are:

Embossing - Create embossed-style textures on materials to give ordinary communications a boost of creativity and uniqueness.

Raised ink - Raising the surface through multiple layers which creates a 3D effect on type and imagery. With 3 raised ink levels that apply 15, 30 or 50 layers of transparent ink the significance of the effect can be varied to achieve the desired look.

Watermarks - Bright translucent visual effect creating a sudo watermark.

These effects can be used in combination with our wide range of colour printing capabilities. In addition our three HP Indigo 7500 digital offset presses can offer the below colour options on top of mono and CMYK, again giving variety and stand out to your print.

Duotone - Creative and photo applications
White Ink - Used for stunning results
Spot colours - Pantone or specially mixed to match
Indichrome – High fidelity
Infra Red Ink - Invisible security ink

Both of the above can be used with a vast array of beautiful materials now available from our paper merchant partners. These are expanded continually, enabling a broad range of print applications to be produced.

Paper base - FSC Gloss, Silk and Coated.
Recycled - Recycled wood and cotton fibre.
Textured – With a vast range of surfaces available.
Metallic - Block silver, rainbow and colour metallic.
Synthetic - Durable vinyl and synthetic.
Adhesive - Permanent, removable and cling.
Coloured – With a broad range of colours
Boards – packaging boards and heavy weight materials.

To find out more about what you can achieve with special effects printing, colour options and different materials on our digital presses and to receive samples contact us at or call 01825 768 811.

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Continued Investment in Litho Print Technology

7th January 2014

Exciting news for the New Year as we are set to upgrade our litho press technology this month to include yet another Heidelberg XL 105 10 colour.  The new press will provide us with extra capacity as the XL presses deliver 40% more productivity than the 102 press it replaces. This will be our 5th XL 105 format press making us one of the best equipped B1 litho printers in the UK.

Our customers have been thoroughly impressed with the speed, accuracy and high definition that the XL 105 press provides and the exceptional quality it achieves. The new 105 XL 10 colour will mean that all our B1 presses are built to the leading XL specification and will complete our update to our litho printing technology.

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Digital Print Expertise Shared with Singapore Printers

23rd December 2013

In November 2013 a group of leading printers from Singapore visited us, hosted by Hewlett-Packard, to see our digital print operation in action. HP’s objectives were for their visitors to learn from a best-in-class printing company about the journey from traditional offset operations to successful digital print leaders.

The group of printers from Singapore who are all members of PMAS (Print and Media Association Singapore) were keen to see the world class HP Indigo digital print technology in action. Lisa Watson, APJ Commercial Business Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd commented “We were delighted to be able to share the Pureprint experience with our group so they could see a game-changing digital print operation first-hand. Pureprint’s innovative print applications, depth of experience and overall digital business success served as an inspiration to us all!”

Jason Ong, Executive Director, Print & Media Association of Singapore said “Visiting Pureprint was the perfect finale to our European trip. We particularly appreciated the insights Aaron (Aaron Archer, Business Development Director) shared about the power of innovative digital print applications to delight customers and deliver break-through business solutions.”


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Stunning Photography Magazine Production

10th December 2013

We have just completed printing the second issue of Optology magazine. Optology magazine is an independent publication dedicated to showcasing the finest emerging photography and styling talent.

Jonathan Arundel, Creative Director of Optology commented “What I was most impressed about working with Pureprint Group was they genuinely shared the same passion, dedication and vision to produce an exceptionally high end print object.”

Alison Burrows, Paper Consultant at Antalis commented “Optology Issue 2 is a stunning example of print which has really embraced the opportunity to showcase the chosen materials from our Curious collection. The cover especially stands out with metallic gold ink printed on Curious Matter Black Truffle.”

The covers are printed in either black on Curious Matter Andina or in gold on Curious Black Truffle. The text papers are printed in four colour process and gloss coating on Claro Gloss and four colour process and matt coating on Claro Bulk.

This most tactile and eye catching job shows off our different matt and gloss finishes and some remarkable photographs all printed on our Heidelberg 6 colour XL 105 presses.

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Data Security Accreditations Achieved

25th November 2013

We have now independently verified the security of our management and data handling processes to the globally approved ISO 27001 standard and to the DMA’s DataSeal accreditation to ensure that its customers receive the highest levels of business continuity and asset protection. These accreditations support the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems and protection of customer information. This accreditation is especially key for us as a direct mail printer for many of our customers.

James Parker, Chief Technology Officer, Pureprint Group commented: “We recognised as part of the continued improvement to our service offering that customers’ data and information assets were of the upmost importance. This accreditation demonstrates Pureprint Group’s continued commitment to excellence and validation that our approach to service delivery, security and business continuity is comprehensive, effective and internationally recognised.”

ISO/IEC 27001:2005 is a process-based accreditation that recognises organisations that can integrate business objectives with operating effectiveness. Companies that achieve management system certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2005 have demonstrated effective implementation of documentation and records management, top management’s commitment to their customers, establishment of clear policy, good planning and implementation, good resource security and management, and efficient process control, measurement, and analysis. DataSeal is the only recognised standard for information security management systems other than ISO27001 and available to DMA members and members of any participating trade associations (IPA, IPM, ISBA).

Parker added, “With our core service offering of award winning print and production the added value services that have been brought in-house such as; data management, direct mail, storage and fulfilment all need to integrate seamlessly.  Our management systems need to continuously evolve to react to customer requirements and as such a solid system including ISO9001, 14001 and now 27001 and DataSeal alongside our environmental policies ensure we have a world class offering.”

Rachel Aldighieri, Director of Communications and Insight for the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), congratulated Pureprint Group on its achievement: “Trust is essential to effective marketing. Consumers need to be confident that they are sharing their information with companies that act responsibly and keep their data secure. Gaining accreditation demonstrates commitment to adhering to the highest standards of industry best practice and commitment to putting the customer at the centre of everything they do.”

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Is this the most sustainable book of its kind?

28th October 2013

We have joined forces with Arjowiggins Graphic, the leader in the development of environmental paper solutions to print renowned sustainability author Jonathon Porritt’s new book The World We Made; Alex McKay’s Story from 2050. As the leader in sustainable print we were chosen by Jonathon Porritt to print his new book.

The first edition of the book is written from the future in 2050, looking back to today. It tells the optimistic story of how humans, through a renewed sense of purpose, placed an imperative on sustainability to make a better world for all those who come after us.

Commenting on the book, author Jonathon Porritt said: “Learning to live sustainably on this planet is not an optional extra: it’s a pressing imperative. And the stakes really couldn’t be higher. A brilliant, fairer and genuinely sustainable world is still available to all of us by 2050 – if we start making it happen right now. So it was particularly important for me to leave no sustainable stone uncovered when producing, creating and manufacturing this book. Working with Arjowiggins Graphic and Pureprint Group has made it possible to meet almost all of our ambitions in that regard.”

The highly sought after book was printed on 100% recycled, FSC recycled certified paper leaving a carbon footprint of just 1.8kg CO2 emissions per book, compared to 4kg of CO2 emissions for an average book. The printing process used only inks that were made from vegetable-based oils not mineral oils, and no isopropyl alcohol was applied to reduce ground-level ozone demonstrating our expertise as a sustainable printer.

Richard Owers, Marketing Director, Pureprint Group commented: “Sustainability lies at the heart of our business so it was an honour to print The World We Made –which we find a dynamic and aspirational story with a view to encouraging people to think very differently about sustainability.”

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Multiple Award Winning at PrintWeek Awards

22nd October 2013

On the evening of Monday 21st October 2013 the PrintWeek Awards was held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London and was a great success for Pureprint Group, winning 3 awards. We won awards for Book Printer of the Year, Fine Art Printer of the Year and Report and Accounts Printer of the Year. A great follow on from the Digital Printer Awards just a couple of weeks ago and maintains the fact we are an award winning printer.

For the Books category we won this category for Anthony Caro Museo Corer, Marcus Flacks Contemplating Rocks, Richard Deacon Association and Charming Baker Lie Down I Think I Love You. With this being the second year in a row that we have won this category the judges commented “consistently wonderful with amazing and special finishes”. The stand-out publication was the Anthony Caro publication which included a slip case in black on Optima greyback on the greyside.

In the Report and Accounts category we won based on our work producing the annual reports for Nokia Siemens, Compass, API and Hiscox with the judges comments including “quite simply stunning, impressively punchy in print and varnishing”. With the Hiscox annual report the key to this simple yet effective graphical report was the contrasts between the gloss and the matt areas and the rich black, we achieved this using dual effect coating onto a gloss paper.

In the Fine Art category Jammers, Anthony Caro Museo Corer, Franz West Man with a Ball and Miles Aldridge’s Carousel were our award winning submissions. The production of Carousel was the piece the judges picked out as outstanding. This is a stunning collection of prints by fashion photographer Miles Aldridge to support his largest exhibition of his work to date. The judges said of this piece “simply stunning” and overall they said: “Unquestionably the clear winner in this category, the quality of each sample supplied shone through.”

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Tanner Brothers Join Pureprint Group

21st October 2013

Wayne and Stuart Tanner formally of CTD Ltd have recently joined our team here at Pureprint Group.

Stuart Tanner joins us as Sales Director after nearly nine years working in sales at both Sage Print and Fulmar Colour targeting design agencies.  Previously Stuart had a long career as Director in his father Graham’s firm CTD Printers highly regarded as the leading company in creative printing in the UK in the 1980’s and 90’s. 

Father Graham said “It is fantastic to see the boys back side by side again. They worked together in our business for over twenty years, it seems entirely fitting that they should join another successful family business.”

Stuart said “I am very impressed with Pureprint Group. The quality of the work, their commitment to the environment, the onsite mailing and the level of investment between digital and litho presses is second to none.  But what influenced me to join even more, was Pureprint’s leadership and commitment to people, and the chance to be part a growing team that already contains some of the best print and communication professionals in the business. ‘’

Wayne joins us working on the Heidelberg XL presses. Wayne’s background at CTD was as Director for 20 years, responsible for achieving the high standards of print and finishing.  More recently Wayne was Works Manager at Fulmar Colour with responsibilities for managing the work flow and the overall print quality. Wayne said “It’s a good mix of work here across many sectors all managed to a very high quality standard, in fact it is some of the best I have seen in my career.”

Mark Handford, Chief Executive of Pureprint Group said “I am delighted that Wayne and Stuart have joined us and this experience of high quality, creative printing further strengthens our team of print specialists.”

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Award Wins at the Digital Printer Awards 2013

7th October 2013

On Thursday 3rd October 2013 the awards event for the Digital Printer Awards was held at the Marriott Hotel in London and we had great success, winning 3 awards and maintaining our position as an award winning printer. We snared the awards for Books, Photobooks, Year books and Hard Cover Reports and Marketing Collateral.

The Books category win was for the book Greg White Chernobyl which is a photography book studying two of the surrounding areas to the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant. The book was produced on both our HP Indigo 10000 and 7500 digital presses using CMYK and White inks on Lumi Art and Colorplan materials. A distinctive Buckram laminate was used on the 6pp cover to give a tactile feel and the text was gathered and thread sewn for a quality finish.

Our win in the Photobooks, Year books and Hard Cover Reports was for the Reiss 1971 Lookbook. Printed on our HP Indigo digital presses and produced with Colorado Congo spine tape and cold melt glue so that every spread had a beautiful flat and smooth finish. The cover was Colorplan pale grey buckram embossed over 3mm greyboard board cover and was foil blocked.

And lastly our win in the Marketing Collateral category was for our own direct mail marketing material Pureprint Works which showcases the stunning work we have produced for our clients. This piece was printed on our B2 format HP Indigo 10000 digital press on Cyclus offset 100% recycled paper from Antalis as B2 size folded to broadsheet style size. It was then enclosed in biodegradable poly and mailed through our fulfilment and mailing centre via our Puremail service.

We were also shortlisted for Transactional and Direct Mail and Best Use of Finishing categories.

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Leading Sustainable Printer Awarded Queen’s Award

17th September 2013

Following on from our news in April when we announced that we had won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development as a leading sustainable printer, today Tuesday 17th September the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex presented us with the award on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

We received our award for Sustainable Development which is in recognition of our practices as a sustainable printer within and beyond the printing industry. This is the 3rd time we have won this award (previously in 2003 and 2008) which demonstrates our commitment and success to ensuring sustainability is underpinning our whole business.

The Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex, Mr Peter Field said:
“I am delighted to make this award on behalf of Her Majesty and the Government.  Pureprint Group are an outstanding company who have contributed enormously on the world stage, and to our country and community.  That they have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development for a third successive period is a tribute to them and to the UK.  It is the highest honour and recognition that can be achieved and I know we are all very proud of them”

Find out more about how we are the leading sustainable printer

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Pureprint employee becomes European Air Rifle Junior Champion

13th August 2013

Thea Bradley, our receptionist and administrator has recently been named as the European Air Rifle Junior Champion in the Czech Republic, at the Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest European Championships and World Cup 2013. She has only been shooting for 2 years making this huge success a massive achievement and one that all at Pureprint are very proud of.

The championships are held over 16 days in the town of Plzen in the west of the Czech Republic and Thea has won 5 medals. She said “I’m just completely overwhelmed by how well I have done considering I have only been shooting for 2 years. But regarding future aspirations, to make the Olympics would be a dream. Therefore that is something I am going to work towards.”

We look forward to following and supporting her in the future, as we are sure this is just the start of her success.

Thea is pictured centre bottom row.

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Pureprint Prints Dramatic Miles Aldridge Work

22nd July 2013

We have recently produced a stunning collection of prints by fashion photographer Miles Aldridge to support his largest exhibition of his work to date.

The exhibitions are at Somerset House until 29th September and the Brancolini and Grimaldi Gallery in Mayfair until the 28th September. They include work from throughout his career including large-scale photographic prints and previously unpublished material. The Somerset House exhibition includes hand-drawn story-boards, drawings, polaroids and magazines, offering an intimate insight into Aldridge's point of view and process.

To coincide with the exhibition Brancolini Grimaldi have published Miles Aldridge's Carousel, a new limited edition portfolio of 32 plates, produced to exacting standards by Pureprint. This work was printed on our Heidelberg litho presses on 400gsm Hello Gloss paper. In this project, Aldridge has contrasted blocks of pure colour brought to life using silkscreen printing against his iconic images creating a whirling, colour-filled journey through Aldridge's world. There are 180 signed and numbered copies and are encased in a specially designed clamshell box. This work enhances our reputation for the quality fine art work that we are so well known for and shows fine art printing at its best.

If you want to find out more about what we can do for your organisation or to find out more about this work contact us on 01825 768 811 or email

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Pureprint Sponsor National Charity Event

20th June 2013

On Monday 17th June we sponsored and offered print advice at the NCVO Evolve event at the Brewery in London. The NCVO is the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and represents over 10,000 voluntary organisations in the UK, championing volunteering and civil society. The Evolve event was bringing together the sectors leading organisations and enabling them to get access to the best advice, resources and expertise.

We are the preferred print and print audit supplier to NCVO members, advising on savings that can be made by managing spend across all aspects of print and merchandising, postage and design engineering. We also supplied all supporting merchandise for the Evolve event including the banners, leaflets, attendee bags, signage and much more.

We print for many charities helping them spend more efficiently on their print jobs so they have more to spend on their cause.

If you want to find out more about what we can do for your organisation contact us on 01825 768 811 or email

Find out more about our work including what we do for Oxfam

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Pureprint Win Direct Mail Award at Print, Design & Marketing Awards

11th June 2013

Last week we won the Direct Mail award at the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2013 for our direct mail work with Abercrombie & Kent, luxury and tailor made holidays specialist. It was a terrific event aboard the Silver Sturgeon on the River Thames.

The winning work with Abercrombie & Kent uses variable data publishing (VDP) and our HP Indigo digital presses creating either a targeted brochure enclosed in poly as a direct mail piece or a personalised PDF for each enquiry as the first touch point when information is requested. The end result is a personalised, high quality brochure delivered at a more sustainable level for Abercrombie & Kent and a more relevant and impactful message received by the customer.

The judges’ commented that it was “Beautifully produced, very clever direct mail campaign utilising variable data components and driving proven results for the customer.”

This award shows our expertise in not only high quality print both litho and digital but also the full end to end service for direct mail in house including data, fulfilment and mailing.

If you want to find out more about what we can do for your business contact us at 01825 768 811 or email

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Latest Binding and Booklet Systems Bolstering Digital Print Offering

3rd June 2013

As a result of our continuing expansion in state of the art digital print facilities and marketing services we have invested and installed the latest high specification perfect binding and booklet making systems.

These advanced and highly automated finishing systems mean that we can offer increased capacity, improve our service with a quicker turnaround and create new product offerings including ultra-thin binding and variable products resulting in a full end to end digital print facility.

Booklet-making system
The Duplo System 5000pro with integrated 3-knife trimmer is capable of producing booklets from 120x210mm to 250x356mm format size, 60-300gsm and 3mm thick (material dependent). These machines can be used for customised financial reports, insurance and benefits statements, training and marketing materials providing extremely high-quality finishes.

Perfect binding
The Horizon BQ-470 binding machine with HT30 auto trimmer is capable of 1-65mm spine size, up to 320x320mm format size, static and variable extent and super strong PUR perfect bound production. This equipment produces superb binding quality for variable data publishing and static binding of books, brochures, catalogues, journals and marketing materials.

This new technology complements the full service offering that Pureprint now provide from data management, art work and design, digital print and litho print production and finishing as well as POS, fulfilment, storage, mailing and outsourcing.

To find out more about what Pureprint can do for your business call us on 01825 768 811 or email

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Pureprint Support First Touch at the Chelsea Flower Show

21st May 2013

Landscape architect and gold award winner at the Chelsea Flower Show Patrick Collins (pictured right, infront of his garden with Carol Klein) is exhibiting a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show this year in support of First Touch the charity which supports sick and premature babies at St George’s Hospital in London. This year at the show, on its first day his garden has already been recognised with a Gold award.

Pureprint is supporting the charity by sponsoring the print of leaflets which will help raise awareness of the charity's cause and the garden, which will be handed out at the show between the 21st and the 25th May.

The theme of the garden is growth and the developmental process of living things. The imaginative concept that underpins the design was inspired by cells, the building blocks of life. The cause is very close to home for Collins whose daughter was premature, born at 27 weeks and cared for at St Georges Hospital’s neonatal unit.

First Touch aims to help the 600 sick and premature babies which are cared for at the neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital. The money raised is spent on vital equipment, specialist nurse development and support for families whilst they are on the unit.

Find out more about First Touch.

Find out more about the charities Pureprint work for.

If you want to find out more about what Pureprint can do for your business call us on 01825 768 811 or email

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Pureprint client Punch Creative win RAR Award

30th April 2013

Leeds-based graphic design agency Punch Creative has scooped the highest national accolade for its services to the marketing industry.

Having been shortlisted in a phenomenal ten categories, the Farsley team collected the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) award for client service at the London ceremony. But the night did not end there. The five-strong Punch squad was then honoured with the prestigious ‘Grand Prix’ marketing crown for the UK’s favourite agency with fewer than 30 staff.

Pureprint have been working with Punch Creative printing for their clients Duresta the premium handmade upholstery brand, printing their high quality brochures and catalogues and printing brochures for Cedar Court Hotels.

Richard Lowes, Director at Punch Creative said “Punch Creative have worked with Pureprint for over 18 months and we already trust Derek (Pureprint Account Director for Punch Creative) and his team to handle our most high profile work. What we value about Derek's approach, aside from the quality of the end product, is the fact he brings new products and ideas to us to enhance our print projects - these finishing touches can make the difference between a good project and a great end result for us and our clients. We look forward to developing our relationship with Derek and Pureprint into the future.”

Find out more about the clients we work with.

Find out more about the awards we have won.

If you would like to know more about what Pureprint can do for your business email or call us on 01825 768 811. 

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Pureprint win a Queens Award for Enterprise

22nd April 2013

Pureprint are delighted to announce that today we are celebrating being awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s highest accolade for business success. We have received our award for Sustainable Development which is in recognition of our sustainable practices within and beyond the printing industry. This is the 3rd time we have won this award (previously in 2003 and 2008) which demonstrates our commitment and success to ensuring sustainability is underpinning our whole business.

The judges said: 

‘A Sustainable Development Award is made to Pureprint Group Ltd for showing that sustainable printing is affordable and promoting sustainable practices within and beyond the printing industry. Since winning an Award in 2008, the company has continually improved internal environmental management, extended its approach to responsible supply chain management and, through continued service development, encouraged and advised customers on reducing carbon footprints.’

The judges also said:

‘The company is an impressive example to others, inside and outside the sector, of commitment to embedding sustainability.’ 

Richard Owers, Marketing Director said “Since our first Queen’s Award in 2003 we have increased our turnover by nearly 400% and now employ over 200 staff. The Queen’s Award has been an inspiration to us for 15 years and has shown us that in the best businesses long term development is based on all the aspects of sustainable best practice. To receive our third Queen’s Award this year is not only a great honour but is further encouragement to us, and hopefully others, to embrace and promote sustainable development.” 

The awards are made annually by HM The Queen and are the highest official UK awards for British businesses. They are made on the advice of the Prime Minister after examination of applications by an Advisory Committee composed of leading individuals from industry, commerce, trade unions and government. 

Find out more about our sustainability from Richard Owers on 07711 687 408 or email on

Read more about our sustainable business practices

Read more about our other awards 

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Pureprint produces David Bowie V&A exhibition commemorative items

8th April 2013

The David Bowie IS exhibition is underway at the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London till the 11th August. We have produced some of the coveted collectors’ memorabilia which can be purchased at the V&A exhibition shop.

One of these is an exclusive collection of 50 postcards which is a deluxe two-part sliding box with grosgrain ribbon lift and plastic sleeve (pictured right). The collection of postcards brings together iconic back stage, session and tour photography as well as original design work in Bowie’s own hand.

This item has become so popular we are having to produce more for the museum to keep up with demand. The concepts were created by our team of in-house designers utilising our 3d design software, taking iconic images and manipulating these into several packaging designs, to quickly give the client a full range of bespoke options. They were then printed on our B1 litho presses.

Mark Vincent, Head of Retail Communications at Pureprint says “Our new creative packaging design studio offering enabled us to quickly react and visualise our client’s initial brief, making all elements very transparent and easy to communicate. This prestigious project fully utilised Pureprint’s in house capabilities, from the client’s initial concepts right through to fulfilment and distribution.”

If you want to see more of the work we do at Pureprint take a look at some of our client case studies.

To find out more about our creative packaging and point of sale offerings call Mark Vincent on 07808 911619 or email him
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Pureprint achieve DMA accreditation

27th March 2013


We have now achieved membership of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), proving our expertise and rigorous methods in our end to end direct marketing processes. This achievement highlights the existing work we have been doing with many of our clients handling their direct marketing communications.

DMA membership means all our processes have been stringently checked against criteria which covers data handling, confidentiality and security to name just a few. The DMA’s role is to help lead the way in direct marketing and help the industry do better business including lobbying, providing professional development and a consulting service for its members. We now have access to the DMA’s great services and support as well as having the ability to share our learnings and expertise with the association.

Julie Geraud, DMA's director of membership, says:

"DMA membership is the sign that a company operates to the highest standards of industry best practice. We welcome Pureprint into the DMA and look forward to providing professional support and assistance to help them achieve their business objectives."

We provide a full end to end service for our clients covering design both visual and conceptual, data management, print including fully personalised mailings on our digital presses, fulfilment and fully integrated communication re-engineering on multiple platforms and media.

If you would like to know more about our direct marketing services please contact Matt Rees at call him on 07725 259 131.or  


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Order placed for our 2nd HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

12th March 2013

We have been beta testing the HP Indigo 10000 digital press since November and we are so sure of the press and the demand for digital printing that we have placed an order for a second one which is due for delivery in August 2013. 
ÔÇÿIt is already clear that the 10000 fits perfectly with our current work mix and offers our customers the prospect of designing exciting new solutions. I have not seen so much interest from our customers in a new piece of printing equipment in the 20 years since I took over the running of the businessÔÇÖ says Mark Handford, Chief Executive at Pureprint. 
If you would like to know more about the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press and our digital printing facilities please contact us at or call us on 01825 768 811.  
Click on the 'more info' link below to read more with our coverage in the 8th March edition of PrintWeek. 
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Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 supported by Pureprint for the 3rd Year

12th March 2013


Fairtrade Fortnight ran from the 25th February to the 10th March and for the 3rd year running Pureprint supported the campaign with the supply and management of the supporter’s materials.

The contents of the packs ranged from leaflets, pin badges and the infamous blow up banana used for consecutive years all of which Pureprint sourced. These packs help supporters raise awareness of the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign for better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

The packs are fully customised involving a choice of 100 items all ordered from Fairtrade’s website and managed by Pureprint. The packs are available throughout the year with a peak of 200 orders a day covering up to 7,000 items a week in the run up to the campaign.

It’s a great success, as 3 years ago Pureprint solely supplied printed items for The Fairtrade Foundation and now completes the end to end process of storing, printing, sourcing of items, fulfillment and distribution.

If you would like to know more about Pureprint's campaign management expertise please contact Paul Beech at or call him on 01825 761 205.

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Award Win at The Digital Printer Awards as Direct Mail Printer

5th March 2013

Our awards success in 2012 was outstanding. In November 2012 we were awarded the Digital and the environment award for our digital printing work with Abercrombie and Kent at The Digital Printer Awards, as well as being nominated in three other categories - ‘Best use of finishing’, ‘Best transactional and direct mail’ and ‘Best innovative use of variable data’.

Abercrombie and Kent challenged us as digital printer to create a cross-media one-to-one marketing acquisition campaign replacing their static holiday brochure offering. Our campaign management team created a fully integrated campaign utilising variable data publishing to create a very high quality, image conscious, destination specific, targeted brochure printed on demand or emailed as a highly personalised PDF emailed to customers.

Follow-up communications utilising the customers' communication preferences were also managed and fulfilled based on a managed campaign strategy, providing Abercrombie and Kent with the ability to analyse results, monitor success, costs and ROI on an ongoing basis.

Annabel Tremaine at Abercrombie and Kent said of the campaign 'Now our clients start a tailor made journey even before booking a holiday. This new way of executing our acquisition campaign has meant we have increased our conversion rate and reduced our production and postage costs as well as reducing waste.'

We were one of the first ever UK sustainable printers and have won numerous environmental awards. These include winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in 2003 and 2008.

This award is the first environmental award that Pureprint have won for our digital printing and shows the positive environmental impact that this new technology is going to have on the print industry and reinforces us as a leading sustainable printer.

If you would like to know more about Pureprint's digital printing, variable data publishing and cross-media services please contact us at  or call us on 01825 768 811.

Find out more about our awards

Find out more about our work with Abercrombie & Kent

Find out more about our digital printing

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New additions to the Pureprint sales team

24th September 2012


We would like to welcome Alan Ball who has joined us as Sales Director and Derek Fulton who has been appointed as Account Director.

Alan Ball joins Pureprint after 20 years as Sales Director and General Manager at Fulmar Colour. His main focus will be expanding the group’s business and managing part of the sales team.

Alan said:” It’s refreshing to see Pureprint’s positive take on the print industry. I look forward to working for a privately-owned company which not only has a vision for the future but also the courage to invest in new technology despite these difficult economic times.”

Derek Fulton has been in the print trade for the last 24 years with most recent positions at Montgomery Litho Group as UK Sales Manager and Beith Printing. Derek was attracted to Pureprint partly because of its recent investments in B2 HP Indigo technology and will be developing our business in the design agency and corporate print sectors.

Derek said: ”Pureprint has an excellent reputation as an award-winning printer and is renowned for its long-standing environmental focus both of which are becoming increasingly important aspects in selecting a print partner.”


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Offset your carbon emissions with our Pureprint Gold CarbonNeutral® publications service

20th September 2012


We have launched Pureprint Gold to enable you to take responsibility for the carbon emissions created by the production of your printed publications. This new service gives our clients the opportunity to make a difference to the environment and highlight their positive contribution to preventing climate change.

Pureprint’s partners in the Pureprint Gold initiative are two of the most respected carbon reduction organisations in the world. The CarbonNeutral Company is a world-leading provider of carbon reduction solutions and The Gold Standard  is the high quality carbon credit label recognised internationally for quality and rigour. Pureprint Gold offsets are always in Gold Standard accredited projects and currently come from the Basa Magogo project in South Africa, which is supported by other responsible businesses including Marks & Spencer and Avis. The first Gold Standard project of its kind in the world, this innovative behaviour-change programme teaches local communities in South Africa to burn coal more efficiently thereby reducing carbon emissions and reducing health risks by producing less smoke.

Pureprint Gold works like this. First Pureprint calculate the carbon footprint of a publication including paper manufacturing, paper delivery, print production and final distribution using a specially adapted carbon footprint calculator. Then Pureprint organise the necessary investment in carbon offset projects, verified by The Gold Standard Foundation, to make the publication CarbonNeutral®.  

Visit and click on Pureprint Gold for more details 


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Pureprint Group to enter next phase of digital print with HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press beta

4th July 2012




Pureprint Group to enter next phase of digital print with HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press beta


Benefits of new B2 format press include new applications, increased productivity and features for sustainable printing 


Uckfield, 4th July 2012 - Pureprint Group has announced its agreement to be one of the two British companies to beta test the new HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, driving the development of this highly productive, versatile press and spearheading the introduction of new applications, not previously addressable by digital printing.


For large, high-end commercial printers, like Pureprint, the launch of a B2-format HP Indigo Digital Press is significant as it takes digital print deeper into the production mainstream.


“Digital has played a big role in Pureprint’s recent expansion,” said Aaron Archer, technical director, Pureprint Group. “Our HP Indigo presses have enabled us to achieve 50 per cent year on year growth in digital print production for each of the past three years. The 10000 press will enable us to extend our digitally printed portfolio to include a range of new applications.


“New size formats for brochures, folders, posters, book covers, and packaging applications will now be possible, as well as cost-effective, higher-volumes of other commercial products,” Archer continued. “This is important because against a background of shorter print runs, we’re able to achieve more for our customers.”


Pureprint’s broad customer base includes over 50 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies, graphic designers, luxury retailers, fine art publishers, universities, charities and other companies requiring image conscious printing.


“'This new press will be an integral part of our expanding range of marketing services, providing targeted personalised printed output for variable data publishing and multi-channel analytic-driven campaigns,” said Archer. 


The press, formally launched at drupa 2012, has a 750 x 530mm format and produces up to 3450 B2 sheets per hour (4/0) or up to 4600 B2 sheets in Enhance Productivity Mode, the equivalent of up to 2 million B2 sheets per month. It significantly moves the cross-over point(1) to about 2300 pages, almost double the cross-over point for the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press.


Leading the way to a sustainable future


“The Indigo 10000 press looks to be the next significant development in the production of bespoke, personalised printed communications, not only from productivity and print quality perspectives, but for its sustainability benefits as well” said Richard Owers, director at Pureprint Group. “A B2 press with variable data capability that also prints pure colour reproduction and reduces environmental impact is highly attractive to us and our clients.”


Responsible printing strategies are on the increase, according to Owers as customers look for ways to achieve higher returns at lower environmental and financial cost.  For Pureprint, this is familiar territory and has been key to its industry-leading list of environmental achievements. In 2002 Pureprint became the first CarbonNeutral® printer in the world, it received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2003 and 2008 and became the first printer to receive Graduate Status from the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network for responsible paper purchasing in 2011.


One of the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press’s environmental features that interests Pureprint is minimal start-up waste, which maximises the proportion of sellable prints. Other environmental advantages are: consumables designed for waste reduction; use of recycled and recyclable materials; energy management and recovery; and imaging oil recycling.


Pureprint Group plans to install the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press in September 2012 and test it until mid-2013.


(1) Compared to the HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press. The cross-over point is the number of copies below which it is more cost-effective to print digitally. 

For more information contact:


Pureprint Group

Aaron Archer

Technical Director

01825 768 811


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