Book of Everyone

The Book of Everyone allows you to create a bespoke personalised book in seconds. They required a partner to provide an interface between their online ordering and print on demand with quality print, strict SLAs and great customer service. 

The Pureprint order-of-one workflow – API interface into our print on demand workflow platform provided what they needed. Combined with our high quality HP Indigo digital printing technology and comprehensive in-house finishing, warehousing and fulfilment services we were able to bring the client an automated platform which extracted the order information and artwork to create all of the necessary outputs such as print files and address labelling. 

The results are a 3 day turnaround from order to dispatch with large volumes managed with high quality output across 33 different SKUs.  

 “Simply outstanding!…..It is entirely unique but so well developed and presented. The paper quality and binding are outstanding in terms of quality of materials and finishing. I chose the deluxe option and I couldn’t be happier…..Customer service is excellent and I’m loving the personal touch.” End customer comment