G . F Smith The New Collection

G . F Smith are the makers and curators of some of the world’s finest papers and, as well as being our long standing paper partner, they have chosen us to print some of their inspiring marketing collateral and paper swatches.

We were honored to produce this new swatch for G . F Smith following on from the original Collection launched in 2015 which we also produced. Our many learnings from the original production helped us execute this complicated technical project with ease.

The Collection is home to every paper, weight and embossing they offer across four sections: Colorplan, Fine Collection, Textured and Specialist, 450 different stocks in total. As each copy includes hundreds of different materials, the design, print and binding is an intricate process – from the time consuming gluing process to ensure it holds together to the 160,000 hand cuts for the 4 tabs on each copy.

“The G . F Smith Collection Book is the most important specification tool we produce and requires huge amounts of planning and coordination. We chose to work with Pureprint as we knew they were capable of delivering to our high standards and we are thrilled with how smoothly the project ran. They took the lead and gave us complete confidence as well as delivering on time and within budget.” John Haslam, Managing Director, G . F Smith

You can register for your copy on their website www.gfsmith.com/collection