The Secret Behind Our Award Winning Print

Over the past 10 years Pureprint has won more high quality colour printing awards than any other printer in the UK.

At the centre of this excellence is our PureColourHD team of colour craftsmen who use their industry leading knowledge, innovative techniques and the latest technology to create outstanding colour reproductions with mesmerising detail and sharpness.

To achieve the best results requires a close collaboration between the creative and production teams. Our PureColourHD consultants will advise on everything from photographic image resolution, tone and detail through to optimum screen rulings, proofing processes, ink profiles, paper choice, coatings and varnishes. Our colour retouchers will work on your images with you to give consistency, sharpness and vibrancy and will advise on dot gain, dot shape and tack values.

They will also work closely with you to achieve accurate colour matching to original artworks, paintings and swatches to achieving that close colour match which is so important in fashion, retail, fine art and luxury product marketing.

Here are some examples of the award winning work from our PureColourHD team: