Digital printing has revolutionised the way in which physical material can be accessed and utilised to communicate. In its simplest form, digital printing is a low-cost, lower environmentally impacting alternative to lithographic printing when only small volumes are required. However in reality it’s so much more than that, the fact that every impression on a digital press is different opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

At Pureprint, driven by our desire to offer our customers every advantage possible through physical communication media, we have invested in the leading digital printing technology available. We run 3 HP Indigo 7800 presses which include stunning special effects which create an eye-catching and tactile finish giving a unique and luxury look and feel to your printed communications including embossing, raised inks and watermarks. We have 2 HP Indigo 10000 presses and in August 2016 installed the latest technology, an HP Indigo 12000 press which can print white ink on coloured substrates giving a great creative effect. This new technology has enabled us to offer B2 large format, striking print quality and the ability to run personalisation across multiple versions at virtually no extra cost. Find out more about the creative opportunities with the HP innovations on our presses.

The opportunities through web to print are boundless, from producing personalised books and prospectuses, DM, brochures, calendars, photobooks, pitch documents and leave-behind materials through to just-in-time print solutions, cutting out obsolescence and storage costs whilst ensuring sales materials are always current, relevant, targeted and achieving the maximum return on investment.

As part of Pureprint Group we also have a large format printing facility in Newcastle, Imprint who provide service from creative concept through to production, storage, ordering and distribution through Additions their unique in-house developed on-line promotional management tool. Covering all aspects of point-of-sale marketing activity, printed stock control, campaign management, visual merchandising and local marketing, they have proven that the effective use of Additions helps organisations improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Watch this video of our HP Indigo 10000 digital press.

We feel it's best to demonstrate our capabilities through examples: