Reducing the impact we have on the environment has been an important part of the way we’ve run our business for decades. We understand and value the importance of taking ownership of the lifecycle of our products and minimising our impact on the planet.

Leading the conversation in this area has helped us to shape the agenda and develop processes, systems and products that reduce our environmental impact. By working with us, our customers are lowering their carbon footprint whilst taking cost out of their marketing spend.

In 2002 we became the first CarbonNeutral® printer in the world and since then have taken responsibility for our impact on the environment. We have measured, worked to reduce our environmental impact and then taken responsibility for the remaining footprint by carbon offsetting and investing in international sustainable projects.  So far we have offset 30,181 tCO2e – the equivalent of 18,292 return flights from London to Los Angeles.

Some of the key things we do to reduce our impact on the environment include:

  • Implementing an environmental management system to minimise the impact of our own production facilities
  • Removing non-recyclable materials from our manufacturing process
  • Employing data learning via our technology platforms to drive efficiencies
  • Creating dynamic allocations to reduce energy, waste, transport and materials
  • Advising our customers on choosing the most sustainable papers, carbon balancing publications and writing environmental imprints for their projects

We are able to advise on how you can make your print more environmentally friendly.

For example, by choosing Carbon Balanced Paper with the World Land Trust you can enable the preservation of our most important and sensitive ecologically standing forests. You can find out more here.

Print effective. New print technology along with better data management means you reduce wastage by only printing what you need, when you need it.

Use an Environmental Imprint. Via responsible purchasing ethos, it gives a positive image of your company whilst increasing the rate of environmental improvement.