Direct mail always delivers – reach your customers at home

Direct mail has always had its place in the marketing mix for driving awareness and brand building to delivering sales and measurable ROI. But mail is surely coming into its own now, during these extraordinary times where it is estimated that 55% of people are working from home*. That’s a minimum of 15 million people in the UK keen for a distraction from home working (and dare we say home schooling) to come through their letterbox.

Not only is the opportunity there for driving customers online to purchase but also for sharing ideas for when all aspects of life go back to normal. So isn’t this a great time to communicate with potential customers? When the digital world is saturated and mail has been proven to be 33% more engaging than email and 35% more engaging than social media advertising print is a great medium. The research on direct mail’s effectiveness at grabbing consumer’s attention and driving to purchase is compelling with more than 92% of direct mail being opened and 48% of UK adults taking action after receiving direct mail. From a ROI perspective its delivering an average of £3.22 return on investment for every £1 spent.

There are so many different forms of direct mail too from the simple offer postcard driving to purchase to the luxurious personalised mailing piece of a high end brand cementing loyalty and repeat purchase. An example is the catalogue market where 90% of consumers read catalogues sent to them with 70% going online after receiving catalogues. Door drops have a strong place too in the post GDPR world and there has been some great research undertaken which says that 30% of all adults see door drops every day; that more than 40% then interact with them; and then 90% of those people go online and do something because of it.

Whatever format you choose the fact is that people value something they can see and touch, recent research found they value an item they can see and touch 24% more than something they can only see. Direct mail has also been seen to influence how they feel about the sender with 38% of mail recipients saying that the physical properties of their post influences how they feel. The production values of a mail piece can reinforce brand values in a deep and intuitive way.

So if you are considering direct mail to communicate to your customers get in touch with us where our team of experts can help you develop and deliver your campaign. Our Direct Mail section of this website will also give you more information on the services and added value we can offer along with some great case studies.

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