Carrier: Our World

‘Our World’ is a design-conscious coffee table travel look book from Carrier, expertly made and sustainably produced.

With digital at the forefront of how we communicate with each other, engage with content, and discover all things new; the team at Carrier expressed the importance of creating something tangible that could be held and experienced by the consumer. In their words, they wanted to create a publication that would make a statement and cut through the digital noise.

We believe that print still holds a powerful place in a ubiquitously digital world. Print offers a welcome break from screen use and provides a certain level of luxury that is unmatched. We’re proud to have worked with Carrier on a project that holds the same beliefs.

Our green credentials help us to advise our clients on how to make their print sustainable. Creating ‘Our World’ as sustainably as possible was paramount to Carrier, so they chose to produce limited copies and print on FSC® certified and Carbon Balanced paper with The World Land Trust.

The glossy imagery and vibrant colours that fill the pages of Our World are brought to life by our in-house environmental print technology, and all of the book’s packaging is 100% recyclable, including the PolyAir™ film wraps – a plant based and carbon neutral material.

“We chose to print the book with Pureprint, for their unique and long-established environmental ethos. They understand and value the importance of taking ownership of the lifecycle of the products they create and minimising their impact on the planet.” – Carrier Head of Marketing.

We’ve been creating beautiful, sustainable publications for our clients for decades and we’d love to help you with your next project. Contact our friendly team of experts today to discuss your printing needs.