Fly Fishing Treasures

Our American publisher and design customer chose us to print Fly Fishing Treasures for author Steve Woit, who has over 40 years’ experience in fly fishing in the USA.

Fly Fishing Treasures is a colourful review of the world of fly fishers and collecting, including 30 interviews with leading collectors, experts, museum and club curators, tackle manufacturers, auctioneers and traders and dealers of antique, vintage and collectible fly fishing tackle.

We produced 1,000 standard editions which were thread sewn and case bound with a gloss laminated and gold foiled cover with 160 cloth bound deluxe editions which including an expertly-crafted matching slip case. The 348 page text was printed on Galerie Art Satin paper and our experts advised on a drip off coat for the 800 colour images featured in the book, which is the largest collection of images of antique and collectible fly rods; fly reels, flies, ephemera and accessories currently in print.

Our customer came and press passed the whole job in our modern and comfortable facilities in East Sussex. Not all customers press pass a whole job like this but for this customer it gave them peace of mind for the author when printing abroad. Our press passing team welcome our customers coming to pass jobs and ensure they have everything they need for their visit tailored to their needs.

Our expertise in book printing meant we were a safe pair of hands and had the product knowledge giving our international customer the confidence when choosing a UK printing company. Our experience working with international customers also meant we had an efficient and reliable customer service offering managing the production of this treasured book.

“Amazing. Truly. And exceptional. Steve’s book arrives here today, right on time. Each of us is eager to see it and hold it. And to appreciate the culmination of our Herculean efforts that made it happen. Hats off to you, your talented team and vendors, and to Pureprint advanced technologies. Bravo for a job well done. And thank you.” Director, Communications for Learning

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