Influencer Box for Starpowa

We have worked with Starpowa, the UK’s number one vegan gummy company on multiple projects including FSDUs and packaging.

Starpowa source sustainably, all their product packaging is fully recyclable and they use eco-energy with 100% of the power needed to make their gummies generated from organic waste. As a British manufacturer with a commitment to sustainability Starpowa wanted to choose a supplier with a good fit and as a CarbonNeutral® and UK manufacturer we were selected.

For this project our creative packaging experts consulted with the Starpowa team to develop a luxury PR box which could house their existing product range. This included 12 gummy bottles and incorporated a four page leaflet showcasing the range featured as well as the futures range.

A clean white design was chosen so that the focus was on the striking bottle packaging when opening. Using a rose gold foil to match the Starpowa branding on the lid and base edges created anticipation and a premium feel.

Ribbon lifts were used within the fitments so that the bottles could be housed securely for presentation and transit but easily lifted out by the recipient. These were colour matched to the rose gold foil on the box. A soft touch laminate was applied to the outer of the box to give a premium finish and keep the box pristine white with multiple uses. The four page leaflet which was secured to the inside lid was designed to replicate the contents of the box giving further information for the recipient and then once opened it showcased the futures range inside.

“We only required a small run of these boxes but required ‘production’ finishes such as foil and laminations. I know there were challenges to achieving this on a short run but, again, Pureprint met this challenge with incredible professionalism, reluctant to release anything that didn’t meet our exacting standards. The result has been stunning.

Not only was the brief fulfilled on this venture but expectation was far surpassed. The professionalism of the team at Pureprint, attention to detail and availability during this project was second to none. We continue to work with them on current and future projects and are looking forward to the growth it brings to our business.” Paul Shubrook, Creative Director at Starpowa